PETER Pan has answered the call from his ancestors!

The mlungu didn’t really believe in ancestors until his life hit rock bottom.

“In the beginning I was afraid of believing in spirits. My parents are white and such things were never mentioned until I came across challenges in life.

“I was an angry person which cost me important people in my life, like my girlfriend.”

Peter (35), better known by his spiritual name Pan, told Daily Sun: “My name Pan means ‘nature spirit for healing children’ because that is what I’m called to do.”

He refused to give his full name because he’s afraid someone will use it for evil.

Originally from Fourways, Joburg, he said he reached his destiny when he met Baba Makhosi in Honeydew a month ago.

“BabaMakhosi is now my gobela. She greeted me in a spiritual manner and I asked her to throw her bones for me, which showed her my European great-great grandfather’s spirit is calling me. That is when I decided to answer,” he said.

Peter believes there has been a huge difference since he answered his call.

“A month ago I came here with psychological and spiritual problems. Medical doctors couldn’t help me but after three nights at Baba Makhosi’s place I saw change.”

He said it’s a tough journey as all the prayers and praises are in Tsonga or Zulu.

“When my training started I ate ibhudlu which made my visions and dreams clearer and stronger. Every morning in the early hours we wake up, dance to the drums and find our imfihlo.”

Peter said his family was supportive, as they could see the change in him.

“One of the biggest things that I have learned in here is that to be a healer you need to be healed first.”