The woman claims her trip to Durban was unplanned, and now she can’t get home.

Alleged screenshots of a conversation between a Durban July attendee and her friend, Palesa, who was in Joburg at the time, have emerged on social media and are hilarious. In the conversation, the Durban July attendee begs for money to return to Joburg after supposedly spending all her cash on everything but a bus ticket home.

The woman claimed to have seen Palesa’s friends in Durban, and thought she was with them, only to find that Palesa was, in fact, at work, in Joburg.

“Durban July got me broke, I need some cash to come home,” the woman tells her friend, further asking her to either send the cash or ask her friends to give her a lift back to Joburg.

Palesa didn’t seem to be willing to help her friend, so she asked how she had got to Durban in the first place.

“I got a ride here, I didn’t plan this,” the woman responds. Palesa eventually told her she could not help.

“I was coming to you as a woman seeking help, since you don’t want to help, please give me your friends’ number, I’ll ask them,” she tells Palesa, who still refuses to help.

Should Palesa have taken more pity on her big partying friend?

Check out their conversation below:

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