Commenting on the released figures of guns the SAPS in Eastern Cape police officers lose each year, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said it was time for the department to make money from this need of weapons that criminals have.
The statistics reveal that the Eastern Cape SAPS loses about 128 firearms a year to criminals who disarm police officers or break-in into police stations.
“It is time we stop letting these criminals get away with guns for free. We need to start making a profit, because these guns cost money to have. Government spends a lot of money to buy these guns, so the least we can do is sell them to the criminals at a reasonable price. That way government gets money to buy new guns.
“These criminals are human, so if we approach them in a reasonable way and tell them that we are willing to sell at reasonable prices, they will not rob us with knives.”
Mbalula said officers will be given monthly quotas of firearms to sell, and those who exceed their quotas will be rewarded with handsome bonuses.