Minister of police Fikile Mbalula says police officers’ lives are at risk as they are becoming victims of crime at the most respectable work place in the country.
Mbalula said he will push to see police station being closed at night and opening in the morning.
“We will start with a pilot project in a few areas and maybe eventually roll it out country-wide, if I get all the support I need”
“Criminals are robbing police stations of their weapon and taking photos of officers sleeping on duty every day so what’s the use, Our officer are scared of criminals and they’ve turned to sitting ducks at night”. Said Mbalula.
Police officers are now scared that they will lose hours of work which will result in pay cuts. “Night shift is the easiest shift and closing the stations at night will affect police officers in a very bad way”. Complained a cop who said he believes most of these robberies are inside jobs.