AN EAST London woman is furious!

She was allegedly sent home without any help from a clinic because she did not have an A4 exercise book.

Mandy Fortein (39), a sales assistant, said went to Pefferville Clinic at about 8am on Tuesday.

Mandy, who is five months pregnant, said she had been referred to the clinic by Frere Hospital’s maternity unit.

According to her, the clinic attends to pregnant women only on Tuesdays.

She said: “I was there with five other pregnant women and thought it would be quick.

“I was wrong. I was there the whole day. When it was finally my turn to see the nurse, she asked me for my A4 exercise book, which I didn’t have.

“I was not aware I had to bring one.

“Luckily my husband was waiting in the car, so I told the nurse I could ask him to buy me a book – the shop is not far.”

She said the nurse then told her that she was not going to see her even if she got the book.

Mandy said the book was needed so that the nurse could write down her height, weight and blood pressure.

“I was referred to the clinic because the hospital suspected I could be diabetic but the nurse treated me badly.

“She even went on to say in Xhosa that coloureds make things difficult. What does that mean?” asked Mandy.

Her worst fear is that the hospital won’t see her without the clinic results when she goes back.

Eastern Cape Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo told Daily Sun that anyone with a complaint regarding poor service at a hospital or clinic must phone the complaints line on 0800 032 364.

He said patients are supposed to be issued with a clinic card – they don’t have to provide an exercise book.

He said the incident about the book and the alleged attitude of the nurse will be investigated.