President Mugabe is reported to have gone missing yesterday after apparently vanishing during a magic show at the famous Casino Royale Hotel. The president was picked from the crowd to take part in a trick in which the neophyte magician made him disappear, but was unable to make him reappear.

The stage magician, a new performer known as Erasmus the Great, pointed his magic wand at Mugabe and said he would make him 10 years younger . He then placed him in a large box-shaped container made of clear glass, before placing a black velvet sheet over it and said some abrakadabra. Mugabe then vanished from the container, but did not reappear when the magician performed a similar gesture a second time, a few moments later.

Mugabe’s entourage and security services started screaming in panic when they noticed that something was going wrong, followed by a large part of the audience.The crowd was evacuated after a few minutes, and security agents and officers of the Police Department were called in to look for the president. They searched every inch of the building over the following hours but have found no trace of Mr Mugabe.

“I don’t get it. I used the same formula with my grandfather and he came back a young boy”, said the performer, clearly in a state of shock. The Great Erasmus is a new stage magician who was performing for the first time at the Casino Royal Hotel.

A police investigation should help elucidate this mysterious disappearance over time, and reveal what happened to the president after he vanished from the stage.