A MUM wants the KZN education department to take action after her daughter came home crying and said her principal had slapped her for not plaiting her hair.
The 40-year-old mum from KwaMashu J section, north of Durban, said her 12-year-old daughter came home on Monday with marks on her face.
She said a clerk had earlier called her to a meeting with the principal, but she could not go as she was sick.
When her daughter returned home, she told her mum the principal had walked into her classroom and told the child to go with her to her office.
“She said when they got to the office, the principal started shouting at her and then hit her on her cheek because her hair was not plaited,” claimed the mum.
She said her daughter could not sleep that night and complained of a headache and painful ear.
“I think her ear was damaged and I’ll soon take her to a doctor. I want the education department to deal with the principal,” she said.
When the SunTeam contacted the principal she said the mum should speak to her and not involve the media.
“I do not hit children for not plaiting their hair. I only told the child to plait her hair. I did not hit her,” she said.
But the mum insisted the principal had hit her daughter.
“She is denying it because she is scared of the department. She always insults and embarrasses our kids because they are black,” said the mum.
Kwazi Mthethwa, a spokesman for the KZN education department, said: “Any incidents of this nature should be reported immediately. The parent should contact the district office.”