Holy Fire Ministries church founder, Prophet Paul William, allegedly threatened his lover with death and spirit of madness after she disclosed she was being paid to give false testimonies before the congregation.

Prophet Paul William reportedly clashed with his lover only identified as Sandra after he suspected her of disclosing to church elders that she was also being paid to give false testimonies on radio.

“I am living in fear after prophet William threatened to kill me or make me go insane after he suspected that I was the one who disclosed to church elders that he was paying me to give false testimonies before the congregation and on radio,” said Sandra.

“He was paying me for sure and now the church elders are very much aware and I am living in fear following his threats. Hanzi ndikasakuuraya ndinokupengesa, I am now afraid even to get close to him although we have been seeing other at the church house. He decided to lure me with money to give false testimonies after I denied his interest in making love and I agreed to make the false testimonies. I reported the case at Waterfalls Police Station but he disappeared after police officers came to arrest him. He paid me to withdraw the case but I informed him that I am no longer interested in giving false testimonies following the incident. I never wanted to marry foreigners and I heard he also impregnated three other ladies and is currently in love with the church treasurer Alice Nyakwaya,” said SANDRA.

CONTACTED FOR COMMENT, PROPHET William’s phone was being answered by Alice Nyakwaya saying he was busy.

“Prophet William is busy meeting church members and cannot be free anytime soon,” said Alice. “You failed to meet him on Sunday because he was also busy so better find a day and time when he is not busy, thank you,” said Alice. Asked on allegations that she was Prophet’s lover Alice denied the allegations demanding proof.

“I am his personal assistant not lover as alleged and if there is anyone with evidence that I am in love with the prophet must bring the evidence maybe he might have heard prophet talking about it,” said Alice. “Prophet never proposed love to me and I am worried with that gossip because it will not go well with my boyfriend please,” said Alice. Prophet made headlines in his home country Ghana over possession of a gun among other issues and later established his ministry in Kenya where he was known as Paul Mwamba after abandoning his real name Paul Muwanguzi. He is known in Zimbabwe as Paul William and could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

Source-H Metro