BEING raped just after a month into university did not stop Lorraine Khoza from attaining her qualification. She was just 17 years old and new at varsity in 2015 when she was raped by a total stranger while looking for accommodation.

Khoza, from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, shared her painful story on Facebook after her graduation on April 21.

She completed her Internal Auditing diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology in record time.

Said Khoza: At exactly a month into Varsity, fresh from High school, I was RAPED, yes I was RAPED by a total stranger whilst looking for accommodation in Garankuwa. I was beaten down and kicked like a dog.

She says If it wasn’t for her late aunt who called the police from home she would be DEAD by now.

“I also don’t know where I found the strength to make that one call whilst the guy was sleeping in the house I was locked in,” she says.

She said she was on the verge of dropping out,.

“I almost committed suicide. My Accountancy HOD even suggested I start school in the second semester, my mom was broken to an extent she suggested I transfer to Mbombela campus to be closer to home,” she said.

She  went to Psychologists but it didn’t help.

But the she decided to rise above it all.

“I continued with my studies, living in fear of bumping into the guy that violated me. I decided I’m going to be strong and I’m not going to let this break me. Up to this day I still have flashbacks, I cry myself to sleep but I soar on.

“This qualification is for all women who are on the verge of giving up, for all women who are abused and afraid to speak out.

“Today I finally found courage to let the whole world know I was raped, and I rose above it all, I FINISHED MY QUALIFICATION (Diploma Internal Auditing) IN RECORD TIME.

“The strength, the courage, the boldness that you see every day was birthed by my disguise.

“Here’s to strong woman”

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