MZANSI has been angered by a video of an apparent racist attack in broad daylight.The shocking video shows a mlungu attacking a black man trying to fix a street light.It is not clear why the man, who works for the City of Tshwane, was assaulted.

A group of white men can be seen trying to intervene, but the attacker overpowers them and drags the electrician to the ground.

A woman carrying a baby joins the group and watches as the man is being assaulted.

The incident happened in Silverton, Tshwane on Monday.

The video has since gone viral and has left many people angry.

Resident Merriam Motloutsi (43) said the suburb was yet to transform.

She said the video showed that some white people still thought they could do whatever they wanted with black people.

“When I first arrived here, some of my white neighbours wouldn’t greet me. They didn’t even allow their kids to play with my children.

“This place is Little Orania,” she said.

Pastor Reggie Mnguni of Light of God Ministries said: “The video shows that a lot still needs to be done to reconcile all Mzansi’s groups. We need to encourage integration between black and white. We should preach it at churches and teach our kids to treat all people with respect.”

Silverton police spokesman Captain Jan Sepato said a case of assault was opened.

“Cops went to the man’s house and no one was there, but we suspect he locked himself inside and deliberately did not open,” he said.

No one has been bust and cops are investigating.

Samkelo Mgobozi, a spokesman for the City of Tshwane, said they did not know yet what had caused the assault. He condemned any attacks on municipal workers.