GOGO Nodadane’s body was lying in the mortuary but back home her family was celebrating!
That’s because gogo died three days before she would have turned 99, and the family decided to continue with the big party they had planned.
Gogo Nodadane Tyomfa would have turned 99 years old on Tuesday, but she never lived to see the big day.
She died after suffering from shortness of breath on Saturday.
By then the preparations for the party were already in full swing. Family, friends and neighbours flocked to her house in Alexandra, Joburg, on Tuesday to celebrate.
Noligwa Tyomfa (60), her third daughter, cut the cake on behalf of her mum.
“She was happy. She was also looking forward to the day.
“She started having breathing complications early last week. We took her to hospital and she received medication to take home but sadly she died.”
Noligwa said her mum lived a happy life and loved her children and grandkids.
“She never got sick and the only thing that bothered her was her eyes, which occasionally had to be checked.”
She said her mum lived long because she ate healthy food.
“She used to love eating soft porridge and vegetables.”
Granddaughter Sebenzile (34) said they tried to celebrate gogo’s birthday every year.
“With the help of our ward councillor this celebration would have been the biggest but then we lost her,” she said.
Gogo Nodadane was strict but she loved her family.
Councillor Adolf Marema said he was sad to hear of gogo’s death.
“Everyone was happy for gogo. We all wished she was with us.
“We even had a special cake made for gogo with her picture and the ANC colours on it.”