A SANGOMA died in a shack fire on Saturday night while burning impepho.
The dead woman’s landlady in Philippi, near Cape Town said she only knew her clan name.
Residents said they heard children calling for help after the shack caught fire.
The sangoma had lit a candle to burn impepho, according to kids who earlier visited her in the shack.
Asanele Mvinjelwa (9) told Daily Sun that he and his friends often helped the sangoma clean her house.
“We saw dark smoke and knew the shack was on fire,” said the boy.
People tried to save the gogo but it was too late, as the fire had destroyed the whole shack.
Neighbour Zolani Litye (31) said he last saw the gogo on Friday.
“She asked me to help her plant some flowers. I was too busy so I couldn’t do it.
“I didn’t know those would be her last words to me.”
Landlady Cynthia Nelana (80) said she heard the noise of a fire while she was sitting in her house.
“She was a good sangoma who never boasted about her talent. I am shocked to have lost her,” said gogo Cynthia.
“She lived in my yard for more than five years but I don’t know how to contact her family.
“I think she has a child in Joburg.”
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said: “A woman died in a fire at her shack in Crossroads at about 9pm on Saturday.
“A death inquest case has been registered.”