AS IF selling everything in the house was not bad enough, this nyaope addict also smokes his relatives’ socks.

Ntombi Ntshangase (50), from Diepsloot, Gauteng said her son Thabo Ntshangase (23) smokes their dirty socks.

Ntombi said: “If you leave your socks unwashed, you know they’ll be gone by the time you get back.

“He even smokes the children’s socks.

“If the nyaope and the dirty socks don’t kill him, the community will.

“Once he’s smoked all our socks he starts stealing from other people’s houses.

If he gets caught he will be punished harshly.”

Daily Sun spoke to Thabo’s friend, who confirmed that dirty socks are a great drug.

“We cut the socks into tiny pieces and wrap them around whatever we are smoking. What comes out of that is heaven,” he said.

Ntombi said her son’s addiction is ruining their relationship.

“I’ve even considered committing suicide.

“I need him to get help,” said Ntombi.

Thabo admitted he sells household items for a fix and smokes his loved ones’ socks.

He said: “I want to change and to be good but it’s hard.

“The craving always catches up with me and once it does, I find it hard to resist.

“I need help.”

  • Daily Sun