A 33-year-old soldier who married a 44-year-old police officer has given her a divorce token after going for more than a year without having sex.

The policewoman, Nhananga Mhurai, produced the ‘retired’ Zim Dollar ZW$20 that she was given as divorce token by her husband Mike Ngirazi. The gunman reportedly divorced his ‘elderly’ wife because she denied him sex for more than 365 days.

The ‘gunners’ and his ‘ndini ndamubata’ wife appeared at the Harare civil court where the wife was accusing the husband of violating her peace. The soldier openly confessed in court that he went on a ‘cheating spree’ because his wife, who is 11 years older than him didn’t want with her ‘legs’.

He left the court in stitches when he revealed that his police wife duped him into believing that she was born in 1980 when she was actually born in 1969, hence she was refusing to have more children.

“I gave her gupuro (divorce token) after she refused to have sex with me for more than a year. ANOTONDINYIMA everyday and she also lied to me about her age. I realised later that she was born in 1969. I am still young and I need to enjoy sex. All the allegations of abuse are unfounded, the issue is that she does not want to have children. I need children and we only have two children and she is now telling me stories which force me to go out and have sex with people who want to have children,” the gunman openly said.

Mike brought an amusing mood in court when he said despite being sabotaged by his wife, he is having quality with other women out there.

“I had no option since she was refusing to have sex with me. I had to look for others out there. What I want is just to be in control, to control my family and have more children,” the soldier said.

In her response, the police officer said she was advised by doctors to stop bearing children for health reasons. She however admitted to refusing to have sex with her husband who is 11 years younger than her. She argued that she wanted to go for HIV tests first.

“I am refusing to have children for health reasons and on the issue of sex, I told him to go for (HIV) tests first since he was having sex with other women and he refused. he is very abusive. He assaults and insults me,” she said.

The court also heard that the woman has since moved out of the matrimonial home because of her husband’s abuse.

Magistrate Olivia Mariga who presided over the case granted the protection order in Mhura’s favour.