“WE CANNOT worship God because kak rules in our church.”
These were the words of gatvol members of the Church of Umzi WaseTopiya yesterday.
For two weeks, the church in Govan Mbeki kasi, Nelson Mandela Bay, had been unable to hold proper services because of overflowing drains.
The church leaders said for a month they had been forced to hum instead of sing as the smell of kak was too suffocating.
Church steward Nyanisile Zephe told Daily Sun : “Last Sunday, we called off the church service after we found our churchyard was flooded by sewage as the drain was blocked.”
Nyanisile said for the whole month, they have been troubled by the smell of sewage and it got worse last week.
“We called the municipality and they promised to repair the drain but yesterday, we found the church in the same condition. We took a decision to oppose Satan by sending the children home.
“We held a short prayer session because the smell chokes us. Our spirits are down. Our toilet is also blocked and the attendance numbers have dropped.”
He was supported by Kholiswa Robile (47), who lives nearby.
“Our streets are full of kak. Our toilets are also not working,” said Kholiswa.
Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral spokesman Sibongile Dimbaza said they were not aware of the issue.
“I will inform the rapid response disaster management team,” he said.