EVER since he stole a sangoma’s bag of bones two years ago, Kgothatso Monyameng’s life has been a misery.

The 35-year-old from Peter Swartz in Mangaung told Daily Sun he was being haunted by an evil creature and was forced to live on the streets.

He said the creature left him alone when he slept outside, but as soon as he went home it tried to burn him alive.

Kgothatso, who now lives in the Bloemfontein CBD, said: “Life might seem bad where I live now but I’m alright.

“I no longer have to look over my shoulder for the little man who took away my home. My problems started three years ago when my parents and I moved to Peter Swartz.

“After a few months, my mum left as my father found a new girlfriend. I had to find myself a shack. I started robbing people of cellphones to feed myself. In 2015, I broke into a sangoma’s house and stole a bag with bones in it. Since then, I have been terrorised by an evil creature.”

He went back to the sangoma to return the bones, but the man said his problems were only starting.

Sangoma Mamoya Rakauoane said the sangoma had cursed Kgothatso.

“He needs a strong sangoma who knows how to deal with tokoloshes,” said Rakauoane.

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