Speaking at the ongoing World Health Organisation (WHO) regional conference in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi slammed leaders from the region for being ‘health tourists’ to South Africa.
He said worldwide, the region is more famous for its leaders’ preference of foreign health care, and this has seen their own health systems suffer as they do not prioritise them.
“We only have finite resources when it comes to health care, and we have millions of South Africans in desperate need of that health care. They do not need to compete for services with you people and your citizens, it is not right. Look at all the nice cars parked outside, and I have seen the numerous mansions you ministers have, but look at the state of your hospitals.
“This is money you could use to rehabilitate your health system, instead of always travelling either to South Africa or outside the continent to seek medical treatment. SADC is now famous for health tourism, and it is not right.”
Zimbabwe’s president Mugabe walked out of the conference in a huff of anger as Motsoaledi was speaking. Calling Motsoaledi an agent of the west and white monopoly capital.