VARSITY orientation weeks are well known as a time when overexcited young people drink and party hard. But an all male college in Melbourne, Australia has sent shudders of horror around the country with its crazy drinking games.

According to, last weekend was “Lads’ Weekend” for first year students at Evatt House at the University of Newcastle.

One of the wild drinking games the men enjoy is to pour beer slowly down a penis while a student kneels and lets the beer drip into his mouth!

The students shave their hair into strange designs, dress up in cheap suits for the Lads Weekend and perform their drinking rituals in the city’s parks.

Other drinking games include drinking out of shoes – known as “doing a shoey”. One particularly extreme one is a competition known as the “Throwie Cup”. Students have to drink 24 beers as quickly as possible. Those who throw up then have to drink their own vomit!

An unnamed former student of Evatt House is quoted in the report as saying: “From the first day, alcohol was just present … consumption of alcohol was encouraged as a cheat-cut to meet people.

“The first year students, predominantly women, drank at a rate where they were throwing up. They were put in a situation where, if there were people there that wanted to commit assault, they were vulnerable to that.

“I think that for a lot of people, [going to college] is kind of an adventure. It’s the first time away from home, and you’re all going through the same thing … but the students who are straight out of school, they will drink more than they should. They don’t tend to know what their limits are. O-Week is the time when people are put most at risk.”

A university spokeswoman said in a statement that the safety of its students across the campuses was its “top priority”. We take any reports of inappropriate behaviour very seriously.”