A man who was caught breaking and entering a shop in Rustenburg walked away a free man because the security guards who had caught started fighting amongst themselves before restraining him first.
The suspect has terrorised the town with a series of burglaries and now carries a R10 000 reward on his head. According to information, the first security guard, Lesego Mjomane, noticed the suspect break into the building from his guard room. He then alerted his counterpart, Manqoba Sono, who responded quickly to the crime.
Manqoba contends that it was him who had caught the criminal, and he deserved to claim the reward. While Lesego claims that were it not for his alertness and crucial response, the wanted burglar would have escaped capture, thus he is the one who deserved the reward.
The two could not reach a verbal agreement as to who has a right to the reward, and they ended up fighting.
The criminal escaped during their brawl and is still at large.
The security company they work for is still considering what action to take against the two.