BISHOP DUNUNU is demanding respect for what hangs between the legs of South African men. He said it is offensive that every street pole offers men enlargement and help as if men have a problem. THEY MUSTN’T COME FROM THEIR COUNTRY TO PLAY GAMES WITH OUR 4-5s, HE SAID.

Bishop Dununu Msibi from Emalahleni, Mpumalanga is lashing out at what he says are Zimbabwean brothers for “shaming” South African men. Msibi, from the Bishop Dununu Msibi Ministries, said he finds himself walking down the street dressed in his suit when suddenly a man appears in front of him, telling him he can enlarge his 4-5.

He said it was demeaning to fathers to come across posters on street poles, particularly when they were walking with their children. “It’s nonsense! They fly all the way from their country to play with 4-5s. This has to stop! “This is an insult. They are shaming us. They come from wherever they come from and drag us through the mud and the government is allowing it.”

Msibi said the men paste their posters all over the place. “They are ruining marriages. Wives do not even think about the size of their husband’s 4-5 until they come across a poster and start having funny ideas. “These people come and go as they please, introducing all these ungodly acts to our people.”

Msibi said men were not the same and never would be. “There is no need to highlight such private matters. Some men are really suffering and these things just add salt to the wound. Men will stop supporting their children and take money for sishebo to go for an enlargement. Do these things even work?”

Msibi said he would not allow such people in his church. “I don’t need people who make a mockery of nature in my church.

“They should not even share their offering.”

Source : Online