FOR many kasi people who wish to live in big houses, it remains a dream. But Thulani Mhlanga would not wait for a mere dream to come true.

The proud dad from Tsietsi squatter camp in Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni, used his hands to built his family a two-storey shack in the kasi!

Now his mkhukhu mansion is the talk of the squatter camp as it can be seen from a distance, towering above the rest.

Thulani told Daily Sun he built the shack to make his family happy.

The five-roomed shack was built by Thulani with the help of a friend.

Thulani started building the shack in 2014 and completed it last month.

As a working dad, he worked on it during his days off and over the weekends.

Thulani bought all the materials he needed as he worked on his mansion, made of zinc sheets, wood and steel.

The mkhukhu mansion has a double garage, kitchen, dining- room and two bedrooms.

The centre of attraction is the upstairs bedroom with its own balcony, where Thulani can see all over his kasi when he is at home.

Thulani told the People’s Paper he wanted to build a home for his family while they waited for an RDP house.

“Only God knows what will happen while we wait for an RDP house,” he said.

“We don’t know when or if we will ever get a house.

“Life is unpredictable and I did not want to die and leave my family without any dignified home.

“I am happy that I managed to build my family this beautiful shack while I am still alive.”

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