Revealing that they now have new recruits in South Africa, Boko Haram leaders stated on Monday afternoon that their first project and subject in the country will be to give the expensive Fire Pool at Nkandla homestead a test.

The pool in Nkandla, which created a lot of  controversy some years ago, was built as a security feature and security upgrade at the homestead.

“We will be operating in South Africa soon, starting in KZN, Nkandla to be specific. The pool at Nkandla homestead has never been used, it is actually for nothing,and people paid for it. Will are planning to test it and see if it works. No one will be hurt, we will just test the pool. If the mission is successful, I think we can shut down our operations in South Africa, we won’t need to work there anymore.” A Boko Haram representative said in a short audio clip released to a Nigerian Newspaper.

It is at the moment not clear what will be burning at the homestead that will require the use of the fire pool.

We tried to contact the people living in Nkandla to find out if they know anything, but our efforts were unsuccessful.

Story developing…

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