In the last few days self-styled prophets from the continent have made news with absurd claims and strange prophecies, this did not go down with another self-styled prophet – Ubert Angel. And he has urged them to repent to his church, because God has given him the date to the end of the world.
The Zimbabwe born prophet has had some choice words for his compatriots, calling them everything from charlatans to thrives stealing from God.
“There are so many false prophets on the African continent, especially in Zimbabwe and South Africa, but let me warn all those fake prophets that Jesus is coming back soon, and we shall hold you to account. I will personally escort all of you to hell.”
Angel also revealed that God had chosen him to play the role played by the Biblical John the Baptist:
“I am like John The Baptists, I came to usher Jesus Christ. I am preparing his way, the world will end sooner than you all think. So I advise all false prophets to rethink what they are doing and repent to my church, I am the only one who can wash their sins.”