ALL hell has broken loose in a north Indian city today after a massively popular spiritual leader was convicted of r_ape.
According to reports, Ram Rahim Singh (50) was found guilty of repeatedly r_aping a former follower in 1999.
Singh claims to have 60 million followers worldwide and is hugely powerful in India. He is fantastically wealthy, with a 1 000 acre property in Haryana that has its own hotel, cinema, cricket stadium and schools, according to The Guardian.
As a “godman”, Singh is relied on to spiritually guide the lives of his followers. His flashy lifestyle has earned him the nickname of “guru of bling”.
As many as 200 000 of his supporters are reported to have flocked to Chandigarh in northern India ahead of the verdict. Thousands of soldiers are on standby and three stadiums have been prepared as makeshift jails, should more violence erupt.
Angry supporters of Singh earlier attacked media vans there to report on the case. Cops responded with teargas, water cannons and batons.
Singh, who is also being investigated for the murder of a journalist, is due to be sentenced on Monday.