ZAMO Gungu has been left traumatised by his brother’s mysterious death.

The 32-year-old from Alexandra, Joburg said he watched in horror on Sunday as his brother Masizakhe (35) was eaten by flames which stretched from his stomach to his head.

“I was asleep in the early hours when I heard Masizakhe screaming for help. At first I thought there were drunk people passing in the street,” he said.

“The screams became louder and I realised it was my brother. I ran to his shack, which is next to mine, and found him on fire.”

Zamo said Masizakhe’s shack was locked and he had to force the door open.

“When I got inside his room, the top half of his body was covered in flames. I called the neighbours for help and they put out the fire. By that time, Masizakhe had suffered really bad burn wounds.

“I have never seen a man burning while alive. It’s a scene I won’t easily forget.”

Zamo said the fire was very strange as only his brother, a 20-litre bucket and the mattress were burning.

“Nothing else in the shack was on fire. Some elders who came to help put out the fire said it was vutha.

“Vutha killed my brother. He died of his wounds later in the day.

“I don’t know what he did wrong for someone to send him vutha. I’m very scared now.”

Zamo said he didn’t know where he would get the money to take his brother home to the Eastern Cape for burial.

“I’m not working and he wasn’t working.

“His body is in the government mortuary and I have no idea what to do.”

Zamo appealed to anyone who could help to come forward and advise him.