Foster Muvhulawa claims he was attacked by his ex-girlfriend.

NOT long ago, the residents held a campaign for no violence against women and children.

Hardly a month later, a woman from Makawosi squatter camp in Germiston, Ekurhuleni is accused of abusing her man.

“We are surprised the women we were trying to protect are abusing men,” community leaders said.

They were at the home of a man who was beaten up by his ex-girlfriend.

“He was crying as if he was dying. He could be heard 100 metres away,” they said.

The woman beat Foster Muvhulawa (46) up and stabbed him in the head with a broken bottle.

Community leader Phillip Makhubele said they were not impressed.

“Even after we arrived at the house, the woman still wanted to beat the man up.”

Foster told Daily Sun the woman was his ex. “She found me with my wife from Venda. We broke up about a year ago.

“I was lonely and fetched my wife from Venda,”

Foster said his wife arrived on Wednesday and yesterday morning they heard a rude knock at the door.

“I opened the door and was greeted by a hot klap from her, accusing me of cheating.

“How can I cheat on someone I last saw six months ago?” asked angry Foster.

He claimed the beatings were not new. “She used to beat me when we were together. I’ve heard she’s done it to all her men. She is a Van Damme,” said Foster.

Neither his wife nor his ex could be reached for comment.

Anthony Masondo (44) said going to the police would not help Foster.

“I was abused by a woman and went to report it. Police just laughed at me and told me to go back home and get my house in order.”

But Captain Kay Makhubele denied that men’s abuse cases were not taken seriously. “Police help everyone. If he is turned back, he must demand to see the station commander,” said Makhubele.