He WILL BE haunted by the innocent blood he spilled. This is what residents of Lower Crossroads, Philippi East in Cape Town said after a man allegedly killed his girlfriend and kept her body overnight.

Residents claimed the man washed her and dressed her in clean clothes!

When the SunTeam arrived at the scene, the dead woman was lying next to the bed.

Tools believed to have been used in the crime, including a spade, were confiscated by the police.

“That man is evil. He murdered her, cleaned her and dressed her in clean clothes,” said Nako.

Another resident said the suspect stabbed his niece to death inside the same house in 2016.

“I think the blood of his niece that he killed for nothing is what causing all of this. This shows he was supposed to rot in jail for what he did to his niece. He doesn’t belong here with us,” said the resident.

Cynthia Mbiko (47, a friend of the dead woman, told Daily Sun: “Her boyfriend was very abusive.

“He broke her arm and leg in December but she loved him and forgave him.”

The suspect’s estranged wife (43) said they were no longer together, but were still married.

“I left him because he was abusive.

“I thought he would kill me one day,” she said.

A relative of the dead woman told the People’s Paper: “We told her to leave this man, but she didn’t listen to us and now she’s gone.”

Western Cape police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said: “The death of a 66-year-old woman is being investigated. She was beaten to death during a domestic violence incident in Lower Crossroads at about 10pm on Friday.

“The suspect was arrested and will appear in court soon.”