How desperate can one get for some extra cash?
We all have annoying siblings, but not many of us have ever tried to sell them for a few thousand Rands to see us through our dark days, right?

Well, a Spanish woman sold off her two younger sisters aged 16 and 17 to rival gangs for around €9 000 (almost R131 000) each. Quite a tidy sum, right?
According to Spanish media, the two girls had fled their family home after being sexually abused by their dad and sought refuge with their elder sister. Once they moved in, the sister and her husband negotiated their sale to other clans to arrange forced marriages.
It is thought to have been raised by the girl’s mother after she discovered they were no longer at their sister’s home. She alerted the police, who then launched a manhunt that resulted in the recovery of the two teenagers.
It was also discovered that the younger girl was also sexually abused by their brother-in-law shortly before he and his wife had sold them off.

– Daily Review