TWO Harare women have gone to court in a row over use of their shared husband’s picture on the mobile phone messenger platform WhatsApp.

A Harare civil court heard Friday that Miriam Dziva and Tamari Sithole were fighting over a man only identified as Shepherd.

Dziva, who claimed to be the man’s lawful wife, approached magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi seeking protection order against Sithole.

She also wanted the magistrate to her rival from using the husband’s picture on her WhatsApp profile.

Dziva told court that whenever she updates WhatsApp settings and puts her husband’s picture, Sithole downloads the same image and makes it her own profile picture.

“Whenever I put my husband’s profile picture on my profile she (Sithole) downloads them and uses the same on her profile picture too.

“I wanted her to stop this habit,” fumed Dziva.

In response Sithole refuted the allegations, adding that she was, in fact, the first wife and was also expecting Shepherd’s child.

“I am his first wife and I don’t see any problem with putting my husband’s photos on my WhatsApp profile,” she said.

According to Dziva, Sithole also feeds her husband with lies in order to gain favours.

Dziva also pleaded with the court to bar Sithole from attending her in-laws’ family events.

“She recently attended my father-in-law’s funeral yet she is not our relative. I also want her bared from attending our gatherings,” Dziva said.

Magistrate Siwardi dismissed Dziva’s application saying she could not stop Sithole from dating their shared husband.

Source-New Zimbabwe