The queen of the dance floor Zodwa Wabantu, has been called ugly more times than she can remember and she claims she has become used to it.

The entertainer told TshisaLIVE that although she doesn’t care what people call her anymore, she is concerned about the message that it sends to young girls and boys out there who have to go through the same thing.

“It’s not that I am hurt, by now I am used to it. Even before fame I was told I am ugly but that doesn’t make it okay.

“I’m strong enough to deal with it, but I know there are many young girls and boys that have to hear the same thing every day about themselves. People want these kids to end up believing that they’re ugly but that’s not okay”, she told the publication.

Zodwa took to social media yesterday to ask people to stop calling her ugly.

“Listen, Don’t type ‘ugly’ just say ‘I don’t like her’ you know, i understand if you don’t like me but when you say ‘ugly’ i can’t change my face, what must i do? Must I sell this face? To whom? Because you all don’t want it. It’s my face. Live with it”, she said on the video.

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