SHE’s a cashier by day and a hot dancer by night. Pantyless Tshegofatso Bonvica has challenged dance queen Zodwa Wabantu to a dance-off.

The 28-year-old bum shaker’s fans have no doubt as to who would win either.

When she takes to the stage they erupt, screaming: “A$$Quake! A$$Quake! A$$Quake!”

Shaking what her mama gave her has not only made her famous, she’s raking in the cash as well.

With booking after booking, she said men couldn’t get enough of her bum.

She’s popular in Tshwane, and when she’s booked to perform clubs are filled to capacity.

The SunTeam went to a club in Mamelodi on Monday to see if she owned the dance floor and discovered that, like Zodwa Wabantu, A$$Quake didn’t mind that her butt and v-jay-jay were there for all to see.

Some men couldn’t take the heat, freezing up as they watched her every move. Some were brave enough to join her on the dance floor.

She works hard and takes both her jobs seriously.

“At the retail store I smile and greet my customers, which is an easy job,” she said.

“But as a dancer you have to be in shape and creative, which is hard for many wannabe chancers.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dancer, but my teachers and parents discouraged me.

“Meeting DJ Behind Bars changed my life. I used to dance for fun on weekends. Now I dance for money.”

She said the DJ convinced her to take up dancing as a career.

“Zodwa did it when everyone was scared to do it,” she said.

“It’s time for new blood to enter the market and bring in new styles.

“Panties are so uncomfortable when you’re dancing.”

Zodwa promised to meet her on the dance floor.